About Us

Sarvamangla Gases & Construction Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2006 by Comarate Navranglal Agrawal to manufacturers’ quality Oxygen & Nitrogen Gases. We also deal with many types of Industrial and Medical Gases to various industries and retail customers.

We have been business since 2006. We carry a large stock of gasses, our stock in Korba & we can handle all of your requirements around 0-150 km in this area. By our well-trained professionals and customers satisfactions, Sarvamangla Gases & Construction Pvt. Ltd. has developed well and is expanding successfully.

The Plant includes transportation, stocking of gases with distribution services. We are proud to have good track record and professionals who know the customer’s requirements and they fulfill them by supplying the quality gases in specified time with transportation service or direct delivery.

Powerful relationships with reputed Gas producing Plants:
1. Rishi Gases (P) Ltd., Bilaspur.
2. Saket Oxygen (P) Ltd., Chhapa
3. MDH Air Products (P) Ltd., Chhapa
4. Shree Balaji Gases Korba

ISO Certified:
Sarvamangla Gases & Construction Pvt. Ltd. is a Certified/Registered Company. It has been awarded as an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Its product with Trade Mark SMG - Medical Oxygen Gas is also awarded as a CE certified Product.

Plant Organization:
Mrs. Durgarani Samander has taken over this Plant in the month of August 2016. She is building a staff of salespersons for supplying Gas Cylinders to the Party & Receiving Empty Cylinders from the party, Factory Manager & Billing Personnel are very much helpful to your requirements.

Our Achievement as Purchase Order receiver:
We are receiving Purchase Orders by many reputed Firms/Companies through phone calls or online every day and we fulfill their requirements as soon as we can or as they want.

Quality Assurance:
We are very conscious about the quality of Gases & that we supply because our objective includes making collective efforts to better service & customer satisfaction. We supply Best Quality of Gases to our customer. The company offers both standard products and specialist services to meet each customer needs.

Supplying/Supplied Industrial & Medical Gases to many reputed Firms, few are as under:
⦁ Bharat Aluminium Company Limited ( BALCO) Korba ( C.G.) 495-684 INDIA
⦁ CSPGCL – (200 MW Project), Korba East (C.G.)
⦁ Hasdev Thermal Power Station (4x210 MW), Korba West (C.G.)
⦁ NTPC, Darri, Korba (C.G.)
⦁ Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Thermal Power Station (2x250 MW) coal-fired power station, Korba East Budhavari, Korba (C.G.)
⦁ Lanco Amarkantak Power Ltd, 2x660 MW TTP | Village – Paladhi | KORBA (C.G.) 495-674
⦁ Brilliant Electricals, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore - Jamnipali, Darri, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ S. K. Enterprises, Agarkhar Chok, NTPC, Jamnipali, Darri, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Indwell Constructions Pvt. Ltd., HIG 18, Sada Colony, Jamnipali, Darri KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ B.B. Kar, MIG-1/58, Sada Colony, Jamnipali, Darri KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Power Mech Project Ltd., O&M, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Precession Electors & Services Pvt. Ltd. HIG 246, SVPP Nagar, Sada Colony, Jamnipali, Darri PIN 495-450 ( Project Areas: Lanco, Kharsiya, Rekey, Bandhakhar, Chakabuda)
⦁ Shivam Energytech Pvt. Ltd., H.O. Shop No. 29, Shivajee Complex P.O. Vindhnagar, Singrauli (M.P.) PIN – 486-66
⦁ Panchhi, , Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Power Infra, Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ PCI Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd., Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Abhiyanta Infotech, Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Simar Power Infra, Project for Spectrum Coal and Power Pvt. Ltd., Ratija
⦁ Space Control, Lanco Amarkantak Power Plant, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ HiTak Engineering Services, Mumbai
⦁ K. P. Infra, Project for Spectrum Coal and Power Pvt. Ltd., Ratija
⦁ Tecpro System, Project Conveyor, BALCO (C.G.)
⦁ Brothers Engineering, Verdha Plant, AKALTARA (C.G.)
⦁ Petron
⦁ Mechanically Bharat Engineering
⦁ New Korba Hospital, KORBA
⦁ Krishna Hospital, KORBA
⦁ Balaji Hospital, Trama Centre, KORBA
⦁ Care & Cure Hospital, Bilaspur
⦁ Abhinav Construction, Plant 2, BALCO (C.G.)
⦁ S. S. & Company, Plant 2, BALCO (C.G.)
⦁ Vaaman Engineering, Plant 1, BALCO (C.G.)
⦁ Star Alloys, Industrial Area KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Rajputana Travels, Industrial Area, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Prayag Steel, Industrial Area, KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ D. D. Steel, Industrial Area KORBA (C.G.)
⦁ Dilip Buildcon Ltd., KATKHORA (C.G.)
⦁ S. K. Gas Agency, T. P. Nagar, KORBA (C.G.)
Our Responsibility:
As a responsible corporate citizen applied works to improve the way people live, from the health and well being of our customers, our employees and their communities to our sustainable business practices and corporate governance. We deny corruption and we support best honesty policy always, we wish a brighter future for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide:
⦁ Quality Products
⦁ Customer Satisfaction
⦁ Timely Supply

Our Mission & Objectives

To build the relationship with customers based on trust & mutual benefit.
To build ethics which conduct the business?
To create a culture that supports flexibility, learning & proactive to change.
To supply quality products to customers with good services.
To provide better services with customer satisfaction.
Making continuous improvement in performance.
To make employees responsible for customer's requirements.